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Tools and Anger

So, Merlin Mann snapped. This is kind of a big deal because Mann is one of the big thinkers in productivity on the web, and has been instrumental in helping a lot of people (including me) help get a grasp on things like Getting Things Done. His Blog, 43folders, is part of my regular reading […]

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Vocational Context

In junior high school, I took a lot of shop class. I had to take something in the period. I had no artistic talent to speak of, and enough atavistic sense that home ec was for girls that I spent one period a day doing some mechanical thing or another: Wood shop, metal shop, alternative […]

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The Math of Bad Behavior

Blame it on my (loosely) Catholic upbringing, but I grew up thinking that bad behavior was additive. That is, if you do a bad thing, then do it again, that’s twice as bad as if you’d just done it once. This was supported by my simple understanding of confession and penance, and held up by […]

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The Cloud Will Eat Your Babies

So Cory Doctorow, who is usually a pretty smart guy, weighed in on cloud computing today. I’m interested in what he has to say, so I absolutely went and checked out his opinion. I was surprised to say the least. What’s jarring is that his thesis – that cloud computing is so exciting because people […]

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