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The Microsoft Store

The Penny Arcade guys have a great post today about the approaching Microsoft Store.  No shock that they find the funny in it, but I was particularily taken by this passage: On the desktop, and this is unfortunate for them, the only way to make a truly discriminating choice is to purchase a competitor’s product. […]

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A Face of Panic

I like to think of myself as a pretty savvy guy, with a decent education, a good job and a good understanding of technology. This is well and good, but I think all of those things have contributed to the oddness of something I haven’t done in a while. This morning, I clipped coupons. It […]

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The Offense of Knowledge

The financial crisis is no trivial matter, no one would argue otherwise, but I can’t help but note how much it offends some people I know and think about it a little. Some of it is normal indignation, some of it is personal interest in the impact this has, but what’s curious is that I […]

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What Should Starbucks Look Like

So, Architects Online magazine has an article about how five teams of architects might reinvent Starbucks. It’s an interesting read (and also an illustration of why flash slideshows make terrible, er, illustrations) but the thing that’s intriguing is that there’s a clear divide between the designs that go in two different directions. Two of them […]

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