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Reader Discretion Advised

It’s no secret that I’m a big proponent of e-books. I love my Kindle for all sorts of predictable reasons. It’s convenient, it lets me carry lots of books around with little weight, I can preview things and so on. By now, the litany of Kindle virtues is probably familiar to much of the Internet. […]

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Livescribe Convergence

The Livescribe Pulse is pretty much one of the most brilliant devices of recent history. The ability to have your writing captured to a computer without the pain of weird clipboard attachments is a really exciting technology for people who like writing longhand (like, say, me). Unfortunately, the first generation pen is a monster. Not […]

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A Pleasant Comparison

I’m still trying out my Kindle, and loving it so far, but I still have many more technical hoops to jump through to see how I like it, but I have to admit that one thing has jumped out at me. The size is practically perfect, as illustrated below (Sorry for the quality – it’s […]

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