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Monthly Archive for July, 2008

Some Kind of Success

I stopped by Staples today to pick up some paper for my new printer (a Brother HL-5250DN, which I am very happy with) and took a little bit of time looking at the planners. Now, I had actually been looking to find a case that would suit the iPDA, and had no luck on that […]

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Two Weeks With the iPDA

For my birthday, I received an Ipod Touch, which I have been using as a PDA (and iPDA, if you would). The release of the 2.0 firmware, and the new software capabilities this added to the machine was enough to drive me to make the leap. So I’m two weeks in and it is so […]

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What Should Starbucks Look Like

So, Architects Online magazine has an article about how five teams of architects might reinvent Starbucks. It’s an interesting read (and also an illustration of why flash slideshows make terrible, er, illustrations) but the thing that’s intriguing is that there’s a clear divide between the designs that go in two different directions. Two of them […]

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Two Reasons to use Twitter

Twitter is a curious service. It obviously has a lot of appeal, just judging by the number of people using it, but it’s always been a little hard to justify. Conversation tends towards the trivial, and the characterization of twitter as “blogging about what you had for lunch” has more than a bit of truth […]

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Ipod test

I’ve installed the wordpress app on my iPDA and just want to put it through the paces. The limitations of the keyboard is an obvious limiter on its utility but it should work in a pinch.

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